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Effective Short Term Trips (Worksheets and Strategies)

Going on a short-term mission trip? This is a set of worksheets that will guide you through the key elements in creating, recruiting, and managing your next short-term mission trip. 

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Mission Trip Software: 5 Tips to Select the Right One for You

Mission Trip Software... what is it and how do I find the right one for me? Mission trip software are tools that help you run the logistics of your short term missions trips. 

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Leading people to a missional lifestyle: 9 things to do with short-term trips

Learn nine (9) things you may not have thought of to call people to a missional lifestyle.

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How to handle fear and news in light of a pandemic

Learn some helpful steps for how to handle fear and news in light of a pandemic.

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Your role as a leader in short-term missions—especially during a crisis.

You are a leader and people are looking to you to lead them and to guide them—especially during tough times in short-term missions.

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Finding peace in Christ so you can care for your team

There is great peace in knowing Jesus. Take care of your heart and encourage your team. Remind them who is in control and that none of this surprises Him.

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Ways to serve during quarantine

Don’t miss this opportunity to guide your people into a greater missional journey. Point to God with these ways to serve during quarantine.

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Introduction to Family (sub) Accounts

What happens when you have a family who wants to participate together on a short term trip? ServiceReef has now developed the ability for families to register together. This will enable a parent to create accounts for them and their children and allow the parent to register the family (each person by person) for serving events. Each parent will be able to create accounts for their childr...

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Building a Work Back Schedule

Besides having a budget (which is covered later), one of the most foundational tools you’re going to use is a work-back calendar. Work-back calendars are simple and we’re providing you an example one to the right and a blank worksheet to the bottom. Use this template to help you build your event calendar. You can either build this calendar based on event dates or desired days to ...

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How to improve fundraising communication with participants, leaders, and parents

Learn how to improve communication and clarity on fundraising participants, leaders, and parents is “what happens to the funds I've raised for this trip?”

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