ServiceReef is filled with features… almost too many to list.  But we realize that features are not what you’re actually looking for though… you are looking for a solution.  Here are just a few of the solutions we offer.


Recruit Volunteers Easily

Recruiting people for serving opportunities is our first hurdle.  ServiceReef helps you recruit applicants through auto-creating unique landing page for each event, connecting your social media channels, providing integration with your current websites, offering recommendations to each individual, and showing participants any of their friends who may also be serving with you.  


Select and Customize Your Team

Selecting and managing a team is a time consuming task but we make this simple.  ServiceReef allows you to create an organization master application or a trip application completely customized with your questions, manages various types of application fees, allows you to assign trip leaders with various levels of admin control, and allows you to move them between trips.  


Manage Each Team... Automatically

Once you’ve selected your team there’s still a lot of work before everyone jumps on a plane or shows up the day of your event.  ServiceReef integrates an amazing communication tool, provides an easy way for team members to stay on track with fundraising, helps manage team members tasks, automates reminders and alerts.  


Managing Finances... Without the Stress

Take a deep breath… it’s all here!  ServiceReef manages every aspect of financial management for every one of your opportunities.  ServiceReef has an event budgeting tool, auto generated reconciliation reports, makes donating to a trip participant or organization simple with online donations, provides each individual with a personalized donation page, and auto distributes end of year giving reports to donors.  


Share Your Impact

This is where the lessons become real… in the stories of how serving impact our lives.  Participants are encouraged to share stories at any stage of their serving (before, during, or after) and these stories build a team blog to aggregate everyone’s stories into one place... and even alerts donors to see the impact of their support.    


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