ServiceReef pricing is dynamically based on your organization’s needs and capacity demands.  


Pricing Components


A one time configuration per client allows us to configure your ServiceReef platform just the way you would like to.  Our configuration walks through setting up your master application and your first event.  We also offer configurations for white labeling and other specified site restrictions.  


Monthly or annual licensing agreements depend on volume and capacity.  We do our best to work with your volume and budget to create a plan that’s best for you. 


Although we believe that the suite of features that are currently available are more than enough to meet your organization needs and save your staff immense amounts of time, some of our clients desire a tailored experience that works with their specific processes.  For those organizations that desire this, we offer custom development options on a client by client basis.  


ServiceReef offers an API and HTML snippets for seamless integration with your current website(s) and database systems.  


For more information on pricing for your organization, please contact us today!


NOTE: Transaction fees do apply for all credit card transactions.  These fees can either be deducted from a recipient’s donation amount or assumed by the organization.  Fees vary by client and volume.