Love Jesus. Grow People.

Each year, Revolution Church is challenged to continue to expand upon where they feel God calling them... which is to grow people.  One of the key outcomes of this mission is their Small Group ministry.  But how do you allow church members to quickly search and find the right group for their personal situation?  Easy... ServiceReef's Small Group module allows members to quickly search through groups using a variety of filters that meet their situation and stage of life.  

Even better... the map quickly highlights where in the area your groups meet (while still maintaining the actual location until the user has been accepted into the group).  This quickly allows you to balance ease of use with security and quickly expand the impact of your small group ministry.

Additionally, the ServiceReef platform offers participants a private forum for discussion, easy access to the group materials, and some great ways for the church to see both the impact and what is being studied (curriculum management).  All of this is provided in the time-tested and user experience driven platform that allows you to scale groups as your church expands.

Are you facing a similar challenge in helping organize and publicize your group opportunities?  If so, contact us and we would love to help guide you to some potential solutions.

If you are interested in hearing more about this great ministry, check out their groups page at