You have what it takes to reduce stress in missions!

At ServiceReef, we know that you want to be a mobilizer of many to serving in mission.  In order to do that you need the tools that will turn you into a logistical ninja.  The problem is that the logistics of short term trips are complex, stressful and time consuming, which makes you feel overwhelmed… which could lead to missing (or forgetting) key steps that perpetuate the stress or perhaps even have an impact on the teams stepping into the field.  

We understand the challenges to reducing stress in missions and the work that goes into each of your valuable short term trips, which is why we crafted this resource (and others) that have literally helped thousands of people serve in mission and hundreds of churches and organizations mobilize people to short term mission.  

So here’s how to get the most out of this resource:  

  1. Read over the 12 tips
  2. Work these tips into your daily operations
  3. Enjoy the benefits of less stress

Get started now and see how these 12 tips can radically help you gain confidence and reduce stress in missions. 

Soli Deo Gloria!

Micah Pritchard
COO & Chief Encouragement Officer