ServiceReef for Education.

A university or school can be a powerful community of like-minded individuals, and ServiceReef helps you see the impact and reach of your students and faculty members' service around the world.

Mission Trip Management

Regardless of the size of your team or the distance of your journey, ServiceReef is built to support you as you focus on the mission.

Easy Trip Setup and Cloning

Each Trip has an easy-to-build dedicated page for displaying dates, registration, cost, project, and other pertinent details. Going back next year? Just clone the trip and edit a few details and you’re all set!


Manage Participants & Team Leaders

With the ability to open and close registration automatically, accept payments and donations, and create a team right in ServiceReef, you may never need to make another spreadsheet! Assign a leader right in the trip settings to ensure that all questions are directed to the right person!

Online Donations & Tracking

ServiceReef allows donors to specify an individual they are donating to, or give directly to the general trip fund. You can also record manual donations, such as cash or checks so you can track exactly how much money has been raised for every participant.


Customizable Applications & Forms

ServiceReef allows you to collect all of the necessary information for trip registration through our online form builder. Full forms and individual questions can be saved for future use by adding them to your library.


Missional.Life is a service-minded social platform that allows users to engage with others who are being intentional about living life on mission. Access to this platform is included in ServiceReef and creates a space for users and groups to encourage one another in their missional living.

A Roadmap of Serving

ServiceReef and Missional.Life together create a roadmap of an individual’s serving journey that they will be able to look back on in the years to come.


Setting Goals & Next Steps

Missional​.Life helps you set goals for your journey in missions and keeps you on top of the next steps you need to take to meet those goals.  Your followers can get involved to help encourage you along the way.