Why Choose ServiceReef?

Time and time again, we are asked what makes us different from other options out there... and the quick answer is: We came into this from a different perspective - to make YOU the hero (after all, you're doing all the work), so we built a different toolset than what we found out there to make your life easier and help your participants engage. 

From the user experience, to the support that we provide our community. We believe that the tools we have will make a huge impact in your week, allowing you to expand and grow as God leads you into the next 12-18 months. 

Don't believe it?  Check out some of the key differentiators below:


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Why ServiceReef?

Quick Summary:

Our customers consistently say that what makes ServiceReef different from anyone else is: Amazing Support (we are in the trenches with you!), Our User Experience, Post Trip Engagement, and Local Serving.


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Built to Match Your Needs

We built this toolset (and continue to expand it) based on direct input from some of the largest churches and sending agencies.  One of our co-founders is even the Director of Missions at one of the Top-10 churches in the nation.  Now, we know that bigger doesn't always mean better, but it does mean that we have walked this journey with hundreds of churches and have encountered nearly every situation imaginable.  

Whether you are sending just a handful of groups or trying to double your trips next year, we can help.  Reach out and let us guide you on your journey!

User Experience

We start and end with the user experience. This goes for participants, donors, and you!  In a way, your missions platform is an extension of your brand... make sure that participants, trip leaders, and donors have a great experience.  After all, if it's easy to donate/participate one time, it's easier to re-engage the next time.


Innovative Solutions

From our Post Trip Engagement (to keep participants engaged with your organization and ready for the next trip) to Pipelines that show the pathway for participants' next steps, we are continually adding innovative solutions to our toolset to meet the needs of our customers.

We can aggregate local serving opportunities, create a mobile app for your organization, and help your participants find their path... all while saving you time!

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