ServiceReef for Sending Agencies.

As a sending agency you are building long-term relationships with potential missionaries as well as those already on the field. ServiceReef makes managing these relationships simple so you can focus on making sure you find the right matches.

Vetting and Preparing Missionaries

As a sending agency you are experts in what makes a mission and a missionary successful in their field. ServiceReef gives you the tools to vet and train potential missionaries so that they are well prepared before they ever get into the field. 

Member Pipelines

There are many stages of bringing a long-term missionary into your organization.  From the initial inquiry stage, to applications, to interviews, to final placement, we have developed Pipelines to help you move people through your customizable process and keep track of where all your prospective missionaries are.


Missionary Overview

With a single click you can see everything about a missionary - service history, application answers, upcoming trips, medical forms - all you need to know to make the right decisions for your team.

Learning Through Tracks

ServiceReef’s teaching tool, Tracks, allows agencies to create online lessons and tasks that will move the candidate forward and onto the field as quickly as possible. Additionally , multiple tracks can be sorted into Pipelines which ensures that each candidate goes through every phase without the risk of falling through the cracks.


Coaching & Mentors

Add an extra layer of guidance and support by pairing missionaries with a coach to help them navigate the onboarding and learning process with your agency. Coaches can monitor progress and help facilitate the on-boarding process.

Missionary Support

Being a long-term missionary can be difficult and very lonely at times.  We strive to help you connect directly with your missionaries, and also keep donors updated on how their giving is being used around the world.

Long-term Positions

In addition to Pipelines and Tracks, candidates are able to explore and apply for specific long-term missions called Positions. These are job postings in specific places that your agency wants to fill, and can be uniquely created with specific budgets and requirements depending on your needs.


Fundraising & Donor Engagement

Long Term Missionary Support allows those on the field to stay connected to their supporters throughout their journey by posting stories!  Donors can be notified when a new story is posted so they can see the immediate impact of their contribution.

Pricing for Sending Agencies

We offer custom plans tailored to your needs.

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