What can you do if you want to engage your entire community in local serving?

Cherry Hills Community Church was running a multi-week series that culminated with its "Love in Action" week, where thousands of people volunteered to serve in hundreds of community events; all within just a two-week period.  In doing so, participants blast out an incredible message of caring through the active participation and "washing of feet" in their community.

Now... how could they manage all of this?  

It used to take hundreds of volunteer hours just to sign up, manage, call, and remind congregants of their serving day/time. They found ServiceReef as a great way to manage all of this for them... using the "Simple Registration" feature.  With this feature, you can create serving events and only require a person's First and Last name, Email, and/or Phone number.  The system takes care of the sign-ups and sends reminders to volunteers; leaving team members time to scope out new places to serve... and allowing the organization to track participation for both local and global serving opportunities.

Last year, the director told us, "We saved 75-80% of our volunteer/staff time, just in not having to call back and remind everyone of their serving commitments.  AND... we had great participation!  Thank you for making "Love in Action" so successful!"  Are you facing a similar challenge (even on a smaller scale)?  If so, contact us and we would love to help guide you to some potential solutions.

If you are interested in hearing more about this great ministry, check out their latest series at https://chcc.org


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