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"Coronavirus Cancelled our Short Term Trip... Now What?!"

Fellow Short Term Trip Leaders:

We are certainly in unique times as the world wrestles with the impact and changes COVID-19 has brought on all of our lives... not to mention our churches and organizations who have made significant changes in short term trip strategies and plans as we all await the next days’ news around this pandemic. For many of us, we’re finding ourselves with no option but to cancel or reschedule our short term trips and manage all of the logistics around those changes. And while we all know what it’s like to cancel a short term trip from time to time, this is a unique situation clearing out wide swaths of our schedule for an unknown amount of time.

This is why our team wanted to create this resource as a guide to help you navigate the turbulence of these shifting times. We understand that you want to create an excellent experience for your participants, and serve the community you committed to, no matter the circumstances. And here we are with some crazy circumstances! The great thing is we believe in a Sovereign God and trust all of this has a purpose. Our responsibility remains to carefully guide our constituents to a greater engagement in a missional life.

Here are a few things you will find in this e-book:

  • Checklists to help make sure you’re not forgetting anything

  • Communication plans for reaching out to your participants

  • Tips of managing finances for a rescheduled trip

  • Ideas for challenging your participants to stay engaged

  • Thoughts on how to care for the heart and spirit of your participants


We certainly hope this resource helps you build a better plan of engagement during this season where you actually increase your engagement and impact.



ServiceReef Leadership Team