How do you engage mission trip participants well?

There are so many steps someone needs to go through in order to prepare, fundraise, and serve on a mission trip. Global Health Outreach sends out 60+ teams each year on medical and dental mission trips.  In the past ten years, they have sent over 8,000 people into the field on short term trips; many of them very busy medical professionals.

What makes their story amazing is that they have dozens of "repeat" participants throughout the year! They engage their participants so well that many serve over and over again.

One way GHO makes it easy for participants to re-engage is by utilizing ServiceReef's Master Application template.  Once a participant completes an application, it is stored within the ServiceReef system.  The next time the person is looking for a trip, all they need to do is review and update the information they previously submitted.  Users can go through an entire 50 question application in less than 5 minutes, making it easy for them to serve again and again.


Many of their participants have shifting schedules, how can they accommodate that? 

As you have probably experienced, people's schedules can be very unpredictable.  With GHO serving a predominantly medical profession, there are quite a few participants whose schedule shifts suddenly and plans need to change.  With other systems or processes, this might take hours to figure out what donations need to move to the new trip, which team leaders need to be notified, etc.  Thankfully, the ServiceReef platform can adapt as quickly as an on-call doctor, with the ability to move a participant from one trip to another with a simple click (along with all donations, application questions, etc.).  

Are you facing a similar challenge of engaging your participants so that they love serving with you time and time again?  If so, contact us and we would love to help guide you to some potential solutions.

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