Can you imagine increasing your trip participation by 50% MORE in one year?

Do the quick math in your head... take all the trips and participants from last year and had half of that amount again.  Seem daunting?  That is exactly the goal that North Point Community Church's mission department, called global(x), undertook in 2017.  They wanted to see an increase of participants move from their pews to experience what God could do in the field... in one year... and without adding any staff/volunteers.  Seem impossible?


The results...

The amazing folks at global(x) turned to ServiceReef to help guide them through this transition.  Through the first six months of the year, they have already surpassed their total participation from the previous year.  Time will tell if they hit this audacious goal and we will keep you posted.  However, the partnership and vision of this team to see a tangible impact in people's lives through something they can influence is inspiring... even to us, who get to hear all of your amazing stories each and every week.  Your goals become our goals and we never cease striving to improve the ServiceReef tools to help you succeed.


A quick example of an improvement due to this partnership...

When checks come in on the weekend (or donations via other channels), loading them to a participant's profile can be a challenge.  Now imagine hundreds of checks each week and you start to see the issues that scale can provide.  Thankfully, North Point uses the "Import Donations" feature within ServiceReef, which allows an admin to upload an Excel file format containing all the checks and cash donations from the weekend services.  Once uploaded, ServiceReef immediately adjusts all fundraising goals based on the amounts in the file.  In one fell swoop, the admin can immediately update hundreds of participants' fundraising goals with all of the offline transactions... and she can move on to greater things.


Want to learn more?

Whatever challenges or frustration you might be facing with your internal processes, we would love to learn more and help guide you to solutions.  Please reach out and contact us.

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