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GMHC Exhibitors & Organizations:

Our team knows that you want to be actively calling people into your organization's serving opportunities.  In order to do that, you need a simple tool to help share your short-term trips.  The problem is you don't have a simple tool to post your trips in a single place which makes you feel frustrated by not being able to better share the word.  We believe you should have ample opportunity to promote your organization and your opportunities as an exhibitor of GMHC and an organization that's part of  That's why we partnered with ServiceReef - an organization that's worked with many organizations to manage their short-term trips.  

Here's how it works:

  1. Create an Account
  2. Post your Short Term Trips
  3. See Greater Engagement

We invite you to create your free account today and allow us to help you have even more impact as we connect this amazing audience of GMHC and to your great opportunities. 


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3 Simple Steps - Start Loading Your Trips to the GMHC Trip List Today

Step 1 - Create an Account

Build your quick FREE account in less than 2 minutes to get started.

NOTE: Many GMHC organizations already have a ServiceReef account. You will need to upgrade to this account.  


Step 2 - Post Your Short Term Trips

Post your short-term trip list in just as little time.  We'll take care of the rest to make sure they all end up in our single mobile app (GMHC GO) and trip list.

Step 3 - Engage More People

Watch and see how many more people engage in your short term trips... because they now know about them!

Optional - Private Session

If you have specific questions or needs for your organization, you can purchase a customized 30-minute session with the ServiceReef team that will guide you or your team on your specific needs, share best practices, or strategize key areas for your team.  Find out more below.

How to Create Your FREE Account

Step 1 - Fill Out Profile

It starts by creating a simple profile.  You'll enter your organization's name, website, brief description, contact info, logo, and add a password.  It's quick, this will take just a couple of minutes of your time.

Here's what you'll need to know:

  • Organization Name & Address
  • Organization Website
  • Brief Organizational Description
  • Primary Contact Information (name, email, phone)
  • Logo (optional)
  • Custom URL Selection (
  • Personal Information (organization admin contact information - this is you if you're filling out the profile)

Your quick 2-minute account setup will be completed when you select a username and password and click the "complete signup" button.  

Step 2 - Complete Registration

Once you've loaded all of your information click the "Complete Sign Up" button to get started loading your trips.  

Click the "Post New Opportunity" to begin loading short term trips.



How to Post a Short Term Trip

Step 1 - Click On "Post New Opportunity" Button

You can access the area to create a new trip from...

  1. Your confirmation page
  2. Your confirmation of account creation email
  3. The admin menu of ServiceReef (Mission Control)

Need more guidance or info?  Check out our Knowledge Base here!

Step 2 - Enter Trip Information

Enter the data for each trip is quick and easy.  We are asking for enough information to make the search meaningful for people looking for your trips and nothing more.  Here's what you'll be able to enter:

  • Trip Name
  • Date Range
  • Location
  • Signup URL

Step 3 - Save & Post Another

Save your trip information and post another trip.  You can post as many as you like... the most you post the more GMHC attendees have the opportunity to search from and select.

Each trip creates an simple page for people to learn a bit more about your opportunities and then connect with you for how to apply.

Step 4 - Promotion of your Trips

You've done your work, now let the do their part! The team will be working to promote these trips through the Missions webpages, promotional emails, the GMHC, Elements, and much much more.  

Mobilizing people to missions is core to the DNA of the GMHC and  Your trip are part of this larger narrative and vision.  Working together we can see more people sent in missions.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does this cost?

There is NO COST to using this resource from ServiceReef.  GMHC is covering the cost for organizations to have a basic ServiceReef account.  ServiceReef does offer upgrade opportunities to do more than loading basic information like managing donation, application, trip participants, and much more.  You can contact ServiceReef for more information on an upgraded account.  


Why has GMHC partnered with ServiceReef?

GMHC has partnered with ServiceReef because of their history of creating a platform for managing short-term missions and their willingness to work with us to build this specific aggregated list of short-term trips.  We're excited to have the opportunity to provide for GMHC attendees and members a list of current opportunities as we continue to encourage them to serve.  


How long will these short-term trips be posted? will host these trips on a designated page indefinitely into the future. is committed to helping you promote your serving opportunities.  


How will & the GMHC help us market our short-term trips?

The GMHC & team will be doing their best to help promote your short-term trips.  We believe in you and we believe in mobilizing students through you.  Some efforts we will take to help promote this aggregated list are as follows:

  • Dedicated pages on 
  • GMHC print publications will feature the missions page link
  • GMHC Elements Catalog
  • Emails to attendees before and after the event will promote this list
  • Sending agencies will be promoted through Missional.Life
  • Trip list will be introduced as a next step in Missional.Life


How is this connected to GMHC.Missional.Life?

Missional.Life and ServiceReef are built on the same technology.  Organizations will interact more with ServiceReef as the backend support tool for missions (short-term missions, long-term missions, fundraising, pipelines, etc.).  Individuals, like GMHC attendees, will interact more with Missional.Life.  As attendees create their Missional.Life profile they will be introduced to sending agencies and short-term trip opportunities.  You won't want to miss this opportunity to connect with attendees.  


Are there more management features available?

Yes, ServiceReef is a powerful system to manage your short-term trips.  Here you can manage applications, participants, fundraising, donor engagement, communications, team meetings, and much more.  To learn more about ServiceReef and how you can upgrade your account, please contact Drew Davis.  He will be pleased to guide you through the process.  

Do more missions!  Here's how...

A few ways ServiceReef can help you save time and lower stress.

Applications & Registration

Allow users to submit applications and register for trips quickly and easily.  We'll notify you when someone applies so you can review applications and approve team members.                                        


Use our built-in email sender to send customizable messages to all your members, or just a specific trip team.  You can select from our library of automated emails or create messages for each trip to go out on a set schedule. 

Team Leader Permissions

Assign trip team leaders and give them access to specific features such as email, finances, and approvals to make managing trips easy for your organization admins.


Accept fundraising donations and see how much team members have raised.  Team members get their own fundraising page to use in their fundraising efforts, receive weekly updates, or can track fundraising real-time from their account.

Donor Updates

As trip members post stories about their trips, each of their donors receive automated notifications about that story connecting the donor back to the impact of their donation.                           

Coaches & Tracks 

For trips that require a little more preparation, you can create learning tracks and assign coaches to help guide your team members through each stage of preparation and manage assigned tasks.

View more ServiceReef Features