How do you engage students and visualize impact? and the Global Missions Health Conference (GMHC) wanted a way to aggregate opportunities across their partner organizations.  Additionally, they wanted to visualize the enormous impact that organizations were having globally, especially as it related to the health related opportunities for the thousands of students that attend the conference each year.  

The solution was a free tool, built and powered by ServiceReef that allowed hundreds of organizations to pinpoint where they had clinics, missionaries, and short term mission trips.  Conference attendees could see all the aggregated trips and servicing opportunities... and could drill down to particular countries where they felt God calling them and see which organizations were working in that area.

Check out the MedicalMissions Impact Map at:

Have you ever visualized God's work through you?

Our goal is to see the power of working alongside God throughout the world.  Therefore, every level of the ServiceReef plan includes the mapping tool for free!  Plot in your church campuses, where small groups are meeting, where past/upcoming trips are located, and where missionaries are located that you support.  

What you begin to see is the unbelievable loaves/fishes phenomenon occurring... just like it did for

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