Budgeting Tool Overview

It’s important to keep track of your finances, especially your expenses.  We also understand that every organization managing their finances and budgets very unique to their systems and processes.  Our hope is that this tool will enable you to efficiently manage finances, expenses, and reconciliation with minimal work.  The budgeting tool is built to allow three primary functions - create a budget, enter expenses, view reconciliation reports.  


How is the budget linked with fundraising for an event?

In short, it’s not… and this is intentional.  ServiceReef managing many complex financial functions for you and your events.  You can manage deposits, payments, fundraising, donations, manual entry of donations, online donations, donation reporting, user real time access to fund reporting, team leader real time access to team fundraising, and more.  In addition, now you can manage budgets and expenses.  We have learned that while our fundraising module is very robust and our budgeting tool is also robust, the complexity to link these would be more confusing than helpful.  But that’s okay because you still have all the tools you need for success.  


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