Can't Send Short Term Trips? Tip 2: Equip Your Leaders

Can't Send Short Term Trips?

Tip #2 - Equip Your Leaders

Big Picture: Your leaders are your greatest vision advocates... equip them to multiply your vision.

A CEO once asked me if you were rolling out a new initiative... if the time should first be spent engaging your internal teams or making an announcement to the public. Answer... you should always first engage your internal teams. It’s a matter of respect but it’s also just a good strategy. You want your internal teams supporting whatever shifts you may have and you certainly don’t want to agitate some of your greatest advocates!

Most organizations have a core team that manages all of the short term trip strategy and logistics, but you also have key leaders, team leaders, and volunteers. All of these should be engaged in this process. After all, they are already invited to your team for a reason! Invite them into more of the strategy now to help craft this new path forward. Here are some suggestions.

  • Brainstorm with Them - invite each of these groups or representatives from each group into a brainstorming session about how you are going to engage during this season of no short term trips. This can be live or virtual but host something that asks for their options, ideas, and feedback.
  • Pitch the Concepts - once you have a plan in place, pitch the whole idea to them, and ask for their feedback. Don’t just tell them what’s happening, invite them into what’s happening and give them a chance to shape things.
  • Make them Advocates - call them to action by asking them to be advocates of this new strategy. You need a lot of voices out there helping to make this shift. Engage your leaders to be voices for your new strategy.
  • Specific Communications - make sure you are including them on the “early release”
  • of your thoughts and plans. It just builds capital with those who are key to helping you scale your message.
  • Honor them Well - once things have all been rolled out for your new strategy, come back and honor your leaders well and give them thanks. Maybe even send them a note and a small gift of thanks.

However, you build your strategy, lean into your core team to help you make it a success. You don’t need to carry the weight of all of this on your own. Truth is, you probably already have an incredible team to help bring this all to life.


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