What's your ROI from the Local Engagement Strategy?

Results from this Strategy

So what’s all of this going to add up to in the end?! Great question!

We believe there are four primary results that will come from you leading this strategy in your organization. Let’s quickly unpack them.

#1 Change Your Culture - leading a Local Engagement strategy in your organization opens the door to shift your culture so that your members are leveraging well their skills to serve their local community. Their serving may not be directly with your organization but you are the one leading them to serve and use their skills. And by leading more people to serve you are building a stronger culture of volunteerism.

#2 People Mobilized - Part of that culture shift is people engaging which is the straight forward benefit of people being mobilized. Mobilization has its challenges and this strategy helps unpack tips and tricks to overcome many of those.

#3 Personalized Matches - A major challenge in mobilizing people is helping to connect each individual with things that interest them... where they can see their gifts and talents being used. This strategy first helps you build a plan to catalog your opportunities based on various interests and then it helps you have the volume to present to your audience.

#4 Centralized Search - the brass tacks problem many of us have had in bringing this to life has been the means to create that centralized search capability with the ability to match to person interests. This strategy will help you build the plan to create that centralized search tool that automates the vast majority of the work.

There are many more benefits and results you will experience from leveraging this strategy, but there are the core ones we wish to focus on through this ebook and this strategy.



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