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Guiding Philosophies

Here at ServiceReef, we believe everything starts with the foundation of WHY... or perhaps also known as your guiding philosophies. Philosophies drive 100% of our technology development which is a bit strange. Most technology companies focus first on functionality. That might work in many places but it doesn’t work well in this space. Our “end game” actually isn’t technology - it’s seeing more people mobilized into missional living. So we start with guiding philosophies that then materialize into how we design and build our technology. So let’s dive into a few for this strategy. And hey... please feel free to steal any of these and use them for your organization! After all, we’re all in this together.

Creating a Culture

We believe that a local engagement strategy in any organization will shift the culture and help create a fuller culture of volunteer engagement. Functionally, we’re working to get people to sign up for volunteer opportunities but bigger picture... we’re looking for life change, habit change, and a culture shift.

Everyone has a Calling

We believe everyone has a unique calling (and unique gifting). It’s easy to fall into a mentality of “well, someone else is going to do it” or “someone else is called to do that” but the truth is, we are all called to serve our neighbor and engage the world around us (and we don’t believe barking at each other on social media qualifies for serving the world around us!). Every single person has unique skills and is called to serve in some way.

People Need a Guide & a Plan

We all need a guide to show us the way at various stages of our lives. How many of us have had mentors and other key influencers in our lives. That’s your role right now in this strategy... to guide people into serving. The simplest way to be a guide is to create a clear plan for your members to engage and teaching them how to engage their unique skills. We’re going to help you build that plan here so you can be a better guide.

It Takes a Catalyst Leader

So buckle up... if you are reading this ebook then you already have an itch to be that catalyst leader. We’ve learned that one massive piece of this puzzle is having someone (or some organization) take the lead to build a local engagement model. These things don’t just happen. That’s why we believe this is a foundational philosophy to a movement like this... it’s takes someone like you to lead the charge and make it happen. Good news... we’re here with you every step of the way.



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