Interviewing Potential Team Members

Things to consider

  • Where is the best place to host your interview?

  • If you have to make it over the phone, how can you get a good feel for the person?

  • If in person, how many people will need to sit in the interview?

  • If a big group, try to minimize the intimidation factor

  • Set the applicant at ease - start with some small talk - it helps both parties

Great questions to ask during an interview

  • What excites you about going on this trip?

  • What do you believe could change about your life by going on this trip?

  • What compelled you to apply?

  • How did you hear about this?

  • What do you feel you bring to the team (skills, personality, etc.)?

  • We all struggle to adjust to new cultures and environments. Tell me a time when you experienced a new culture or environment that made you feel uncomfortable. How did you react/adjust?

  • What do you friends and family think of you going on this trip? 


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  • Scott Lutz

    Scott Lutz

    this is a great article




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