How do you unleash your people to serve locally?

That is exactly the challenge that the senior leadership team at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY asked their team to pursue... along with a goal to build this into their culture.  The result?  

Southeast launched the entire Unleashed initiative with over 500 serving opportunities from 50+ organizations aggregated into a single view with their dedicated mobile app (iOS and Android).  This allowed for one place where people could search for opportunities based on their ability/passion areas or based on location/campus.  


How did they do this?

To mobilize this many people required a few key ingredients.  First, it required a large amount of serving opportunities. Southeast rallied together 50+ local organizations to post their trips to an aggregated list. Second, it required a dedicated mobile app to host this aggregated list of opportunities.  Third, it took a huge initiative from the entire church to host a big launch.

ServiceReef was honored to be part of this project to build the aggregation tools and the mobile app for Southeast.  It’s been a great journey seeing how so many have signed up and are engaging in serving locally through this Herculean effort by Southeast.  This story is a great example of keeping momentum moving even during this pandemic and giving people a strong means of engagement.


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