Groups Search Page

Welcome to the small groups search page.  Our goal here was simple… to help people quickly find their way to the group that meets their interests OR to help them start a group of their own. 

Geography is important and it’s good to see what’s near or what’s not close to us.  Our first impression we desire to give people is to view where the current groups are and be able to do a search around their address.  You will notice the map is what first catches your eye on this initial page. 

Individuals are also able to refine their search by the following:

  • Group or Leader Name – perhaps they are looking for something or someone specific, they can use the keyword search feature.
  • Location – users can enter their address to generate a map around a given location.
  • Distance – users can focus the map by a distance radius from their address.
  • Life Stage – many people are searching for groups that speak to a certain life stage, while others are looking for a multi-generational group.  Regardless of the desire, ServiceReef makes it simple to refine your search.
  • Gender – many small groups of gender specific, this filer allows for that granularity.
  • Meeting Day – search for a specific day of the week.
  • Age Group – search for a certain again group as well.

And don’t forget, you can also view all of these as a list.  Simply click the button near the top that reads “View List” and then click “View Map” to see the current screen again. 


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