EFFECTIVE: Six Tips for Effective Short Term Trip Recruiting

Six Tips for Effective Short Term Trip Recruiting

  1. Alumni - Reach out to alumni who have served with your organization before or have specifically been to this location or worked with this partner.
  2. Clarify the Win - Quickly state the purpose of the trip and who you are looking to recruit as a team member.  The more clearly you clarify from the beginning, the better chance you have of finding a great match.
  3. Call to Action - Don’t miss the opportunity to create a clear call to action in each of your communications.  This can be easy to forget, but remember to provide opportunities to sign up, learn more, attend an informational meeting, read stories of others who have served, or anything else that might allow them to take some small action step.  
  4. Internal & External - Consider a balance in your team of those who are familiar with your organization and who may have served before, with those who may be on their first serving experience.  This should start now, with how and where you do your recruiting.  
  5. Exhibit - Exhibiting at an event is a great way to share about your short term trip opportunities.  Place yourself in the shoes of someone you’re speaking with and ask what questions they might be asking.  They are probably wanting to know what you have that would match their interest and skills.  Be prepared with upcoming opportunity lists.  You may also ask if they are interested in a specific opportunity and if you could follow up with them on that.  
  6. Follow Up - No matter what your first engagement point is with an individual, make certain you follow up with them!  This is the impression you are leaving with an individual.  Treat them with respect and honor their desire to serve. 


You are a steward of their missional journey.  


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