What is a Volunteer Engagement Strategy

What is a Volunteer Engagement Strategy?

So what really are you talking about here?  

Volunteer Engagement is when you build a collective listing of serving opportunities from your local community partners and global partners so that your members can search one list to serve other organizations.  

It’s essentially a fancy list of serving opportunities that are automatically aggregated from a number of other organizations into one central list.  That list becomes the easy place for your members to come and find a serving opportunity without you or them having to manually hunt down various options.  It’s automated so that the manual work of providing this list is history.

We’ve seen this strategy emerge more and more as organizations desire to partner together, as we’ve learned that none of us can do all of it on our own, and as we’ve seen a stronger desire to lead our members into volunteer matches that make the most sense for them and their skills.  

Picture it like this… you’re a church of several thousand or you’re a high school.  For the church, you desire to get your members out serving in the community with any number of your local partners.  For the school you require your students to complete a certain number of service hours per month.  Your aggregated list allows you a single place to point your members (to one place) where they can find volunteer opportunities (through partner organizations you approve) so that they can serve AND you can keep track of the impact they are having.  

This ebook is designed to help you build that strategy for your organization and leverage tools to make it a reality. 


Download the Full eBook:

How to Launch & Lead a Volunteer Movement




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