Can't Send Short Term Trips? Tip 4: Shift to Local

Can't Send Short Term Trips?

Tip #4 - Shift To Local

Big Picture: You must give people the opportunity to serve wherever they are... but soon!

Many times we don’t think of missions as something that’s local. We won’t dive into that whole discussion... I’m just going to move right into an assumption that we need to shift into being hands and feet right here around us. Our belief is that missional living should be a way of life and something you’re doing overseas and right here at home. This season just gives us the opportunity to focus well on local engagement.

So a really quick refocus here... we’re trying to keep our people engaged. Our big picture goal is to engage people in missional living but right now we can’t travel overseas. We’re shifting that energy, even if our entire organization is focused globally, to something local, if even just for a season.

Here’s why this is so important. You are a guide for these people and they have trusted you to help them explore how to use their talents and where to use their giftings to serve others. Remember your role and jump in with both feet as their great guide. They need you. There is a thirst in their heart to serve and you have a great opportunity right now to connect that thirst with a chance to give of themselves. Here are some tips to make this happen:

  • Research - finding local opportunities isn’t that difficult when you start digging a little. Start with a general search online for ways to serve locally but then reach out to known organizations and churches to learn more.
  • Promote - be an advocate for serving local and make sure you’re advocating this to your audience. It’s good for them to hear your voice (like we talked about earlier) and to stay the role of the guide through this process.
  • Organize - the icing on the cake is when you can host and run your own local serving events. These are great ways to keep your entire audience engaged but also great for specific teams to focus them on an activity that helps build that team.
  • Stepping Stone - continually remind your team leaders and volunteers that every single serving opportunity is a stepping stone to the next one and there’s very little difference in what they are doing right here at home and what they will do soon overseas.
  • Live Generously - help guide people to living generously. Sometimes you simply can’t serve locally but there are other ways you can give. Help people know all the ways they can participate in serving their local community.
  • Consider Anxiety Levels - everyone has their own level of comfort and even anxiety around the world today. Take into consideration the level of comfort of your people and build opportunities for various perspectives.


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