Can't Send Short Term Trips? Tip 6: Lift Up Partners

Can't Send Short Term Trips?

Tip #6 - Lift Up Partners

Big Picture: Partners are critical to the success of missional engagement - use this season to help shine a light on them.

Partners often get taken for granted in our web of missional engagement. We work so closely with them and our people know them so well that we often forget to take a step back and really focus on helping others learn about them. This is a great season to tell their story and help educate your audience about these amazing partners. Here are a few ideas.

  • Find Out Their Needs - reach out to your partners during this season and ask about their needs during this time. That’s partnership right?! Reach out to ask about their needs and to see if there’s some way you could support those needs.
  • Host a Webinar - schedule a webinar with each of your partners and invite all of your members to attend. It’s good to give these some structure (ex: start with prayer, ask a few set questions, etc.). This is a great way to introduce your audience to your partners.
  • Share Ways to Engage: either through email, webinar, or any other vehicle... find ways to share their partner needs and let people know how they can engage with that partner. You don’t have to be the middleman all the time... help connect your audience directly with your partner for more updates.
  • Prayer Teams - consider creating prayer teams for each of your partners that commit to meeting each week and praying for your partners. These teams can be such an encouragement to both your organization and your partner.
  • Interview Your Partners - make time to connect with your partner for an interview and go through a series of questions. You can take those questions and turn them into a partner focus page on your website or a great blog entry.
  • Retool Your Partner Webpages - take a look at your website and where you feature partners. Perhaps you could do a better job telling the story of each partner, why you partner, and how you go about partnering with other organizations.

Use this season to bring special attention to your partners and build up the resources to more
clearly explain who it is you partner with and why. This is a great season to bring a lot of clarity to your wonderful partnerships.


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