Philosophical Approach to Missions

Philosophical Approach to Missions

There are always guiding principles in action for how we engage the world around us.  These philosophies guide us and serve us well, especially when we identify them and draw them out to their potential.  Let’s unpack a few guiding principles to consider but you need to do the work to identify your guiding principles and how you share these with your community.  


Greatest Goal

We believe the greatest goal of mission work is to glorify God.  That’s our north star and the single greatest evaluation point for each and everything we do.  That clarity pivots how we evaluate things as we seek to line things up with what glorifies God vs. always trying to figure out what God might want.   


Guiding People

We believe that we all serve as guides to help direct people in their personal missional journey.  While it might seem that we are trying to engage them and make them advocates for our specific cause, we’re really more about the larger picture of missional living and seeing people developed for the better.  As such, our goal is to guide people well on this journey.


Giving Dignity

We believe we have a responsibility to empower people well to do the work of missions and to seek to bring dignity to the work of their hands.  We desire to see those we serve and those serving with us restored and receiving dignity from the work we do.  Building a filter of dignity helps clear a lot of the fuzz around what’s the right and wrong way to do things.  


Next Steps

Always… and we mean always… be guiding people to their next step.  You are a guide but you are also guiding people to something.  Short term trips are never an end in themselves.  So whatever your strategy might be in this season and the next, it’s always a next step to guiding people to a deeper personal conviction, journey, and engagement.  

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