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A Personal Reflection on Gratitude

Spending a small amount of time in reflection helps me place the demands of the future into a better perspective and provides more excitement to see what could happen in the coming months.

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The Mobilization Pipeline: Adapting to New Realities

This is an exciting opportunity to re-imagine the mission mobilization pipeline. Our prayer is that mission organizations approach this with creativity and commitment to equipping the next generation.

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The Roadmap to Relaunch

The Roadmap to Relaunch Making the decision to start back into global engagement, especially with short term trips, is enough of a decision on its own. Now it’s time to consider all the logistics for relaunching a short-term trip program. Yes, this is very much like returning to the gym after not exercising for some time. Short-term trip logistics is a finely tuned and highly skille...

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9 super-practical ideas to get people excited before, during, and after mission trips.

You've written your vision and mission. What now? How to you get people around you excited? Here are nine (9) super-practical ways to get people excited before, during, and after mission trips.

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Managing Personal Fundraising Pages

ServiceReef is pleased to announce new functionality to manage personal fundraising pages. Just a few things you are now able to do: Create a standard fundraising letter text Set standard text to required or editable by participant Allow users to edit their personal fundraising page Require approvals for changes to personal fundraising pages Learn more about personal fundr...

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Diversifying Engagement Pathways

Diversifying Engagement Pathways Pre-COVID kept many engagements in missions very unilateral… a great deal of short term trip engagement. The pandemic quickly slammed the breaks on international travel and much of global mission work. Post-COVID will release a variety of pathways to engage creating more opportunities for involvement, more systems to be created, and more able to use ...

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Western Missions: Navigating a Changing Landscape

Many Western agencies have pulled back from various countries while indigenous efforts rise. This is something to celebrate while a chance to adapt as organizations in the West.

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Introduction to Family (sub) Accounts

What happens when you have a family who wants to participate together on a short term trip? ServiceReef has now developed the ability for families to register together. This will enable a parent to create accounts for them and their children and allow the parent to register the family (each person by person) for serving events. Each parent will be able to create accounts for their childr...

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The Journey Continues: 4 Keys to Keeping the Flame Alive After a Mission Trip

We all know that the days and weeks following a trip are brimming with potential. Everyone is excited about what just happened and how they are changed by their experience. However, whenever I ask how that energy is getting captured, focused, or shared, I hear a lot of organizations and churches say things like “Yeah, we really should do this,” but if we are being honest, this is ...

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Can't Send Short Term Trips: Tip 5: Share Stories

Can't Send Short Term Trips? Tip #5 - Share Stories Big Picture: Stories are powerful and they are what people remember... share them well and often! Sharing a story well brings glory to God. Stories are powerful things... many refer to stories as the language of the heart. I think we can all relate to hearing someone share some life experiences and all we walk away with are the st...

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