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Admins Posting Stories

Ever need to post a story for an event (as an admin)? Many of our organizations will collect stories during debriefs or through other means but they still want these stories posted to the event page. ServiceReef has added the ability to allow the event admin to load these stories even if they are not an event participant. How can an event admin load a story? The event admin must sig...

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NEW - Uploading a Form

Many opportunities require forms like certain releases, etc. ServiceReef now allows you to save forms sent back from participants to their profile. The attached PDF walks you through how to do this step by step. Remember that you must first reference these forms in your opportunity. You can read more here.

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NEW - Master Application

We are excited to have released a new feature on ServiceReef - the Master Application. This is a great way to allow for your trip participants to apply only once to serve with your organization, if you would so choose. Additionally, it makes supporting your applications easier in the future. We thought the best way to unpack this would be to answer some general questions for how this wor...

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Interviewing Potential Team Members

Things to consider Where is the best place to host your interview? If you have to make it over the phone, how can you get a good feel for the person? If in person, how many people will need to sit in the interview? If a big group, try to minimize the intimidation factor Set the applicant at ease - start with some small talk - it helps both parties ...

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