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Introduction to Family (sub) Accounts

What happens when you have a family who wants to participate together on a short term trip? ServiceReef has now developed the ability for families to register together. This will enable a parent to create accounts for them and their children and allow the parent to register the family (each person by person) for serving events. Each parent will be able to create accounts for their childr...

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Building a Short Term Trip Budget

There is a lot to consider when building your event budget. This post is designed to help you think through many of those items so something doesn’t take you by surprise. Things to consider Have you researched to know all the costs? Do you know if each member will have to raise their full amount of will you subsidize some of the costs? Are you going to have an application ...

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Budgeting Tool Overview

It’s important to keep track of your finances, especially your expenses. We also understand that every organization managing their finances and budgets very unique to their systems and processes. Our hope is that this tool will enable you to efficiently manage finances, expenses, and reconciliation with minimal work. The budgeting tool is built to allow three primary functions - create...

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Things to Consider in Your Budget

Here are a few things to consider when building your budget... Preparation Retreat Lodging & Meals at Retreat Transportation to Retreat Training Resources Team Gear Meetings Travel to Site Travel around Site Lodging for Event Meals for Event Visas Insurance Project Funds Gifts Debrief Expenses Post-Event Meetings Post-Event Resources

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Introducing Limited Registration

What is Limited Registration? Limited Registration provides an experience for users to quickly view a serving opportunity and sign up (on the event page) with just their name, email, and phone number. Consider a time when you are having a campaign for local serving events and you need to quickly display upcoming opportunities and have people sign up (perhaps in a lobby after church for any ...

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Personal Fundraising Pages

A Fundraising Catalyst As we have worked with many organizations and churches to talk through various challenges (and remember, we are passionate about partnering with you to tackle these challenges). One of these challenges that comes up often is helping trip participants raise funds and know about the tools they have available for raising funds. The team at ServiceReef has created a tool...

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EFFECTIVE: Six Tips for Effective Short Term Trip Recruiting

Six Tips for Effective Short Term Trip Recruiting Alumni - Reach out to alumni who have served with your organization before or have specifically been to this location or worked with this partner. Clarify the Win - Quickly state the purpose of the trip and who you are looking to recruit as a team member. The more clearly you clarify from the beginning, the better chance you have of fin...

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EFFECTIVE - Five Tips for Effective Short Term Trip Marketing

Friends - Ask people and alumni to share with their friends. Give them some triggers for thinking of names. Some examples might be family, small group members, friends, roommates, colleagues, etc. Social Media - It’s good to leverage things like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Be intentional with your messaging and create clear calls to action in each of your postings. Create links...

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EFFECTIVE - Five Tips for Effective Team Preparation

EFFECTIVE PREPARATION Clarify Expectations Clarify expectations with your team. Consider outlining expectations for different groups involved and the different stages of the event. You might outline expectations for the team members, the team leader, the field partner, and the sending organization. You may also outline expectations leading up to the event, the event, and post event. ...

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EFFECTIVE - Four Tips for Effective Short Term Trip Logistical Management

Have a Plan You always have to start with a plan. Benjamin Franklin once said, “failure to plan is planning to fail”. Your plan should include dates, team leaders, expectations, preparation, resources, travel logistics, legal resources, fundraising tools, communication plans, and more. Work the Plan It might sound simple, but once you have the plan, work it! Revie...

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